The Dog’s Uncanny Power to Understand

catkins-bookshelf-literatureDogs have a way of nestling comfortably next to humans. Indeed, in a short time, they nestle around our hearts, imbuing our imperfect lives with ineffable joy and the apotheosis of adoration — a love that is so innocent, so pure. 


Sometimes it seems as if a dog can sense
One’s thoughts more quickly than a human can;
They know the moments that are dark and tense—
When worries have upset life’s general plan.
And I have seen them gazing into space
At such a time, as if they almost knew
That any gesture would be out of place
Unless one asked for it. How very few
Of all the wise and learned of earth possess
This strange, uncanny power to understand
Man’s deepest moods of utter loneliness,
When naught but silence meets the heart’s demand.

By American poet, Margaret Bruner (1886-1970)

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For further reading Doggerel: Poems About Dogs edited by Carmela Ciuraru (2003)


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