The Most Expensive Sneaker in the World

atkins bookshelf triviaWhile most people are content with an average pair of Nike or Adidas sneakers that cost about $40, a true sneaker aficionado, known as a sneakerhead, is obsessed with either owning every specific type of sneaker ever made (e.g, Air Jordans) or the rarest, limited edition sneaker that costs hundreds to thousands of dollars. In the 2015 documentary, Sneakerheadz, directors David Friendly and Mick Partridge review the history and rise of the sneaker in modern culture and give viewers a peek into the inner sanctum of sneakerhead’s prized collections. The sale of sneakers really took off when famous athletes and musicians began wearing them in the 1980s and 1990s. Some collections are so valuable that they are stored in an actual underground bank vaults. One unabashed sneakerhead confesses to owning more than 2,500 pairs. Sneakerheads often buy two pairs — one to wear, and one to store in their archive (in sneakerhead lingo, “one to rock; one to stock”). And reminiscent of black friday sales, hundreds of sneakerheads line up and camp out at stores for days for the opportunity to buy limited edition sneakers that are only available at those exclusive brick-and-mortar retailers.

One of the most interesting aspects of the documentary is the segment that reveals how sneaker manufacturers collaborate with artists and celebrities to create extremely rare — and thus ridiculously expensive — limited edition sneakers. These highly-sought after sneakers are purchased by sneakerheads who often buy them and turn around and sell them online and fetch a much higher price. Here are the most expensive sneakers in the world that are sold in retail stores.

Nike SB Flom Dunk High: $7,500
Nike Air Mag: $6,000
Rick Owens GeoBasket: $5,152
Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Paris: $3,500
Nike ParaNorman Foamposite: $3,000
Jimmy Choo Belgravia High Tops & Star Studded: $2,350
Christian Louboutin Rantas Orlato Flat: $1,695
Nike Air Foamposite: $1,500
Balmain High Top & Double Strap: $1,475
Air Jordan 2 Eminem 313: $1,000

Of course, the most expensive sneakers are the ones that are sold on the secondary market, through exclusive channels, or at auction:

Air Jordan 12 ( signed by Michael Jordan; this pair was worn by MJ when he had the flu during a 1997 finals game): $104,000
Diamond Air Force 1 Socal: $50,000
Air Jordan 2 1986 OG: $31,000
Nike Air Mag (replica of shoe worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future: Part II): $37,500
Air Jordan 10: $20,000
Air Yeezy 2, Red October: $17,000
UNDFD x Air Jordan 4: $15,000
Air Jordan 11 Blackout: $11,267
Gold-dipped Nike Dunks: $6,000

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