Top Ten Words of 2015

atkins bookshelf wordsThe Global Language Monitor (GLM) was created in 2003 to create a cultural record of the year as reflected in the English language, the most popular language out of more than 7,000 languages around the world. “The English language continues its ever deeper penetration into global consciousness,” observes Paul Payback, Chief World Analyst and President of the GLM. “Some are wary of the consequences of a single language dominating the Linguasphere. The English language is continuing a remarkable transformation driven by new word formations not witnessed since [Shakespeare] created nearly 2000 new words during his lifetime (1564-1616). However, this time the words are bubbling up from the entire planetary lingua sphere.” Here are the top ten trending words from 2015 according to the GLM.
Microaggression: The brief, everyday exchanges that send mostly unintended derogatory messages to members of various minority groups.
Climate Changing: The on-going, continuous change in the climate of Earth.
Refugee: Migrants that were forced from their homeland by war or civil unrest.
Migrant: A term that includes refugees from economic, seasonal changes, and others issues not directly related to war.
Thug: A cruel ruffian, thief, or murderer; an assassin.
Trans: An abbreviated term for transgender, a person whose gender identity does not match their biological sex assigned at birth.
Content: Text (information and communication) of a document, website, or publication. It is the top business buzzword of 2015.
Affluenza: A psychological malaise affecting wealthy young people; symptoms include a sense of isolation, a lack of motivation, and feelings of guilt.
Opioid: A drug, made from opium, to reduce severe pain. Common opioids include Vicodin, OxyContin, Percocet, morphine, and codeine.
Evolve: The evolution of the word ‘flip-flop’ in political jargon; when voters first shift their views on a particular subject.
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