Top Ten Publishers in the World

atkins-bookshelf-booksAlthough publishing companies have taken a hit from the demise of brick-and-mortar bookstores, the transition from printed to digital books, industry consolidations, and a challenging economy, the top 60 publishers still command a big chunk of business: combined sales of more than $75.2 billion per year (based on 2012 sales figures). The top ten publishers account for 54% of those annual sales ($40.6 billion). For the largest publishing companies, the formula for success is not to broaden their catalog of titles, but rather to focus on a single segment. The most profitable books come from the following segments: technical, scientific, medical, education, and trade. The strategy makes complete sense when one considers that the average cost of college textbooks per student is $1,168 per year. The list also reveals the impact that a best-selling title can have on annual sales. Due to the success of the mindless, but salacious, Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, Random House moved three notches up — from 8th place to 5th place — in the list of top ten publishers in the world. Who says sex doesn’t sell?

1. Pearson (UK): $9.1 billion
2. Reed Elsevier (UK/NL/US): $5.9 billion
3. ThomsonReuters (US): $5.3 billion
4. Wolters Kluwer (NL): $4,.7 billion
5. Random House (Germany): $3.2 billion
6 .Hachette Livre (France): $2.8 billion
7. Grupo Planeta (Spain): $2.6 billion
8. McGraw-Hill Education (US): $2.9 billion
9. Holtzbrinck (Germany): $2.2 billion
10. Scholastic (US): $2.1 billion

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